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Teacher Partnerships

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Partner with SPARK to teach our empowering programs at your school!

Earn up to $120/hour from the comfort of your own classroom.

Training, supplies and materials provided.

Empower your students with essential life skills to succeed in life.

Our Teacher Partnerships are popular at many high-performing schools, including:

All Saints Episcopal School

Canterbury School

Clariden School

Colvin Run Elementary School

Creighton's Corner Elementary School

Fletcher School

Gaston Country Day School

Hearst Elementary School

Lake Highland Preparatory School

Milton Academy

Nysmith School for the Gifted

Spring Hill Elementary School

St. Edward's School

St. Michael's University School

Weston Public Schools

What some of our teacher partners have to say:

"Partnering with SPARK has allowed me to work with students at my school that I don't get to teach every day. I have made great connections with other students and families, growing our school community. The program content is presented in a straight forward manner! I felt that I had all the tools I needed to be successful teaching these fun programs!" -Victoria

"I found a “unicorn” in SPARK business academy. Financial literacy courses are imperative for young minds to learn in today’s society. SPARK's activity-based curriculum is effective and aligned with my own teaching philosophy.  SPARK management is very supportive, which has allowed me to become a Master Teacher who helps fellow teachers and contributes to the content of existing programs." -Vivienne

"I am very satisfied teaching with SPARK business academy. The support given to instructors is exceptional. It is great to teach programs that provide the tools for children to be more productive in their communities and personal lives. The leadership team at SPARK is well organized and gives immediate response to my questions with a level of professionalism that exceeds my expectations." -Scott

"Teaching with SPARK is great! It’s great to see young students learn the importance of teamwork and entrepreneurship. They are so excited to participate each week!" -Felecia

Based on increasing school requests and the success of our teacher partnerships, we would love to implement this program at your school!

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