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"My 5th grader is truly enjoying your stock class and teaching me a lot! Alex loved your Sports Management class, as well. Thank you for providing your amazing courses!"  -Tamara

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"THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing these programs for our children!! ESPECIALLY at such a challenging time. It's such a meaningful experience. I was unsure how well the video class format would work and if my kids would be interested for the whole duration...to my gratification both boys said they LOVED the class and that you were such an AWESOME instructor. I really appreciate you giving them some structure amid all of this upheaval. They really enjoyed the class, the virtual breakout sessions for teamwork with fellow classmates, and they thought the kahoot was really fun!"  -Anna

Our Mission

Empower students in grades K-12 with essential financial literacy skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to promote educated financial decisions and future financial independence.

Our Perspective

Financial literacy is an essential 21st century skill. Starting financial education at a young age, as part of a continuous journey through elementary, middle and high school, will help today's youth avoid the financial mistakes of prior generations.

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Our Programs

We offer innovative youth programs for all ages, including after-school clubs, project days, tailored workshops, weekend classes and summer camps. Our financial wellness practice empowers adults of all ages and backgrounds to take control of their finances.

What Parents Have to Say

"Your program is wonderful! Great class, awesome content and a happy child!"


"I am very appreciative that my children now have an edge on their finances – something I wish I had at a young age"


In the News

Our empowering programs have been praised as pioneering by Business Week and Bloomberg TV, as well as local and international newspapers.

Business Week

"Younger kids, age 6 to 10 ... drew pictures of their products and filled out forms with estimates for prices, cost, revenue and profit. “What’s our mission statement?” asked a sandy-haired fourth-grader.”

Red Alert Politics

"Parents of Spark students said that the classes are well worth it because so often teenagers and preteens never see how their parents accumulate money."

Fairfax Sun Gazette

"I want to work hard in life. I took this course because I wanted to know how to invest and know about the stock market. It turned out even better than I thought."