In today’s uncertain economic environment, many employees face significant financial anxiety.

Our Financial Wellness programs are designed to accomplish three main goals:



the financial pressures faced by employees, a source of anxiety that can negatively affect on the job performance



staff to take control of their finances, make educated decisions and become happier, more productive employees



employers’ recruiting profile and retention strategy as an innovative employer providing leading-edge training on financial matters

Our Financial Fitness Bootcamp is an ideal “financial check-up” for your staff.

In this 2-hour workshop, participants complete a baseline financial wellness assessment
and increase their awareness and understanding of budgeting, credit and investments.

Beyond this initial workshop, we can design and deliver a comprehensive program tailored to your needs and objectives, including personalized assessments, periodic workshops, personal coaching and development of communications for employees.

Programs can be customized to specific segments of your workforce (e.g., millennials, mid-level professionals, support staff, etc.) and can be delivered at any office location worldwide.  We will implement a program that is right for you.

Focus on millennials

Prospective employees are looking beyond competitive pay and standard benefits when selecting an employer. With millennials particularly concerned about their financial security, employers offering financial wellness benefits will be in a better position to attract top talent.

Note: SPARK business academy is purely an educational organization with no conflicts of interest.